Monday, October 29, 2012

Making Liquid Soap Last Longer

Making Liquid Soap Last Longer...
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I have an amazing BFF, who's mom gifted me the greatest smelling hand soap EVER (Caldrea - Lavender Pine) back in 2006/2007!  It's been 6-7 years since I've owned another bottle of this sweet smelling liquid... so I want to make it last!

Since owning this product, I've grown to love expensive hand soaps*... but I don't have the budget for them.  Yeah... totally blows.  
* Expensive to me = anything over the $2 range.

So when I saw that Caldrea was selling their Lavender Pine on - I snatched it up for FREE using my BB points.

At the writing of this post, the husband and I have torn through about 1/4 of the product... it makes me sad every time I look at the liquid getting smaller and smaller.  So last night, I goolged, "How to Make Liquid Hand Soap Last Longer" and came a crossed this amazing website, The Coupon Junkie, with the how-to!

Items you'll need:
  • Liquid hand soap (as the Coupon Junkie states, the clear liquid works way better).
  • Empty foam producing bottle.
  • Water.

Optional items:
  • Goo Gone (to take off the label).
  • Rag - to wipe the Goo Gone.
  • Rinse out the left over bottle/spout really well.
  • Add 1 inch of the liquid hand soap to the bottle of the bottle.
  • Fill the remaining space with water.
  • Put lid back on.
  • Turn the bottle from side to side and upside down to dispurse the liquid (DO NOT SHAKE).
  • Place near a sink and let the hand washing begin! :)
I've only done the Caldrea soap this morning... and should be getting ready to head out the door!  But when I get home, I'm going to try a crack at the new scent that I picked up from Bath and Body Works (Fresh Sparkling Snow)... It's not a 'clear' liquid but it's not a milky haze either... so I'm going to give it a shot and see what happens!!!

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