Friday, August 17, 2012

Burp Cloths

(Personal Photo)

I knew when a baby came along that I wanted to make a ton of things!  Well, we're due in November and my sewing skills haven't improved much past beginner.  But one thing I do know: I can sew straight lines (a gals gotta start somewhere!!!)  So I started searching Pinterest for Burp Cloth ideas and came a crossed Sewin Sanity's post for the Best Burp Rags Ever.

So I ran out the Hobby Lobby (the closest fabric place) to grab three 1/2 yards of baby/nursery fleece and to Wal-Mart and snagged full-sized bath towels for (if I remember correctly) $1.97 each.  

Each 1/2 yard made 5 burp cloths each.  I did make a few changes to my design (all in measurements).

Sewin Sanity's Dimensions: 9.5"x17"
My Dimensions: 8"x16" (my dimensions worked well with the 1/2 yard of fabric... I had just TINY TINY scraps left over)

And mine were PLENTY big... so I can only imagine the larger size!  

(Personal Photo)

I'm hoping to get back in the groove of making more items before November comes!  Possibly some more burp rags (for friends who are also expecting) and a fabric teething guard for the nice crib we have... and plenty more.  Thank god for Pinterest. :P

- Sara.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Little Couponing!

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I normally don't do couponing - I think my math skills lack the challenge! ha. But I do subscribe to a few good feeds via Facebook (see below) and try to get some deals when I can.  

This week brought great coupons from Glade and Desitine.  So, my husband and I swung by Wal-Mart so I could feel special for using amazing coupons!

A+D: $2.97/each
Coupon: $2 off any 2 Desitin Products (any size)
Total: $3.94

AHVA Revival Bath Salt in Mandarin-Cedarwood: $20
Coupon: Used 200 points I had accumulated through my subscription + it shipped for free! 
Total: FREE

Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Kit: $5.98/each
Coupon: $5.00 off (used two coupons)
Total: $1.96

Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist: $2.98/each
Coupon: $3.00 off (used two coupons)

Total: $5.90 for $43.86 (Savings of: $27.96)

My two favorite Facebook Budget pages are: &

I know that I didn't do mega-couponing: double deals and searching out stores with the best deals... but I'm still darn proud of myself! haha.  Maybe one day, I'll actually get the hang of mega-couponing!

I need to get back to this thing called blogging... :P
- Sara.