Thursday, August 25, 2011

All Done!

So lately... I've been doing a whole lot of nothing.  No job searching, no shopping, no socializing (unless you count the .5 hours I have with the husband; from the time he wakes up til he leaves for work), no driving (because my Jeep has been broken down for the last 11 days)... I guess you could call me Rapunzel?  

In a way, I'm glad that I've had NOTHING.TO.DO because otherwise I know I would have never ever finished this painting. 

 (personal photo - in the first few days)

(personal photo - the final product!)

I'm really happy with the final result!  But what to do now?  All I have left is a smaller canvas - so I better start scanning Pinterest for ideas!

 (personal photo)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Breaking out the Blackberry Merlot

Like I've mentioned before - we down-sized one week ago, today!  I've been doing major major major cleaning all week and yesterday was the first day that I actually felt like I could take pictures.  Even though the place is shaping up, it still needs alot of work.  (Working on the bathroom/kitchen today).

(personal photo)

 (personal photo)

(personal photo)

(personal photo)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Long Time No Sew **Update**

We've moved (one minute down the road...), but it's been a world of difference!  Through two garage sales, throwing away a crap-ton of stuff, downsizing from a large B&B to a 400 sq. ft. one bedroom apartment, quitting my job and potentially going down to one vehicle... it's been one hell of a ride.

I have put sewing on the back burner - as there is just no space, nor do I need to spend the money on failed attempts to create. lol.  That might change down the road, but at the moment my time is spent trying to downsize even more!  You know the routine... you move and you get down the last bit of all the stupid little stuff that has no place, so you just throw it all in a bag (that's what I'm weeding through...) all while catching up on my reality stories!

We are potentially downsizing to one vehicle - but right now, we're there.  Two days before we were to move, my Jeep took a shit in the driveway (thankfully, it was nothing but water) as the water pump burst.  Between the move, the husband working 3p-12a - we always run out of time, funds, and patience before the job gets done.  So when he leaves for work, I'm confined to the four walls of our tiny apartment with Igor.  At this point, I don't mind not being able to go anywhere - the weather is beautiful, the windows are open, still un-packing/throwing away, my mind is busy and the dishes need to be HAND WASHED (worst chore ever ever ever).

Since sewing has been put aside, I still need SOMETHING to do.

PAINTING: canvas/puffy, is the new hobby of choice!!!  Everyday, I read (*cough* flip-thru) about 60 blog posts thru my MobileRSS feed and see all these wonderful creative ideas (oh how I wish I could come up with this stuff on my own!)  One day... One day...

Over at The Pleated Poppy, she made this amazing canvas!!! 

Something I've wanted to try and with our space issues and the cost being low - I set out to get this one started!  Now given, I started this one prior to the move... it's far from finished.  But something I will be working on throughout the week.

(personal photo)

Secondly, one of the husband's old USMC buddies/current co-worker and his wife are having their first child (a girl!) and I wanted to make them something practical, thoughtful, but still DIY (to give me something to do).  But I didn't know what to do?  Until I found 2 blogs with GREAT inspiration! :)

First - I started out with 3 plain white onesies, a fabric dye, bleach pen, and fabric puffy paint (all from Wal-Mart)  *sorry no photos* (something to remember next time!)

 (personal photo)

 Then I looked to Show Tell Share for the idea (bleach pens).

Second - grabbed some purple dye and a bleach pen and went to work!

(personal photo)

Having two of the three onesies done - I wasn't sure what to do for the last one until I saw Alisa Burke's post with puffy paint! (This woman has some major major talent!) And the puffy paint was SO EASY - something I'll def. continue to do again and again and again.

So with having a lazy Saturday morning - I got to work and completed the final onesie for the proud parents-to-be.
 (personal photo)
I know the original and mine look alot alike but given this was my first run... oh shit, I'll just say it; I like to replicate. lol.
Now I must go!   Off to do laundry (at the Laundromat), hand wash the dishes, and make our place more... us.  (pics of the place soon to come!)


** Update ** 

I've worked on the baby gifts (above) sporadically and finally showed them off to the husband two days ago.  Seeing the work - he asked me to make the dad-to-be a Kyle Busch (a HUGE fan) onesie.   Standing in the aisle at Wal-Mart and discussing options on the design, the original concept was a cluster of M&M's on the front with Kyle Busch's name AND his number (18).  Obviously, the husband has never worked with fabric paint. haha.  I took his ideas and toned them down to fit:
a) my skill level
b) the size of the onesie
c) the detail level that fabric paint brings

With a great idea and a nice evening - we have our finished project! :)

 (personal photo - front)

(personal photo - back)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Start of a Sew New Life

It's been almost two months since the wedding and our life has NOT slowed down.  I'm praying for a break, but it doesn't seem to be coming anytime soon.  In the next 13 days, we are downgrading from a 4 bedroom 3.5 bath B&B to a 400 sqft 1 bedroom apartment.  Thankfully we'll only be lodging in these close quarters for the next 4 months (and we keep telling ourselves that it will be over before we know it - right!?)  The money we will be saving is motivation enough!  Why 4 months?  You see... the husband and I are shipping to Arizona come January.  We are pursuing his dream to become a helicopter pilot.  We would've left sooner (as in would've been on the road by now), but the school filled up - so he's jumping in on the next round.

I, myself, have been unemployed for the last 6 days and I don't see that stopping anytime soon.  One, the jobs available do not pay enough for the 40-50min round trip + the price of gas.  Second, there are NO jobs available in the area we live in (I can't even get a call back from Dunkin' Doughnuts...).  I love to work, I want to work - but what can I do?


My first project happened after I had pulled my sewing machine out of hibernation.  One bad beginner project set me back - to the point where I didn't know if I wanted to keep pursuing this and/or if I was going to be good enough?

The game changer was a great and wonderful tutorial over at From An Igloo.  These pillows gave me hope that I could accomplish something!  

Here is the final product (floral pillows) - and I couldn't be happier!!!

  (unsure of the fabric brand I used... it was located in the  Indoor/Outdoor section of JoAnn's and on sale!)

Tonight, I'm working on making 2 skirts!  And will have pictures tomorrow of their awesomeness or their death in the trash can...

Hope you will enjoy this journey with me!   It's not ALWAYS going to be about sewing... I do have a husband, a dog, and a life... but it's my life in general and, for now, there's going to be alot of sewing! lol. 

 (this happens EVERY TIME I get on the computer...)