Wednesday, September 5, 2012

OCP - Overseas Care Package #1

About 2 weeks ago, our family received an opportunity that couldn't be refused.  My husband was offered a position to work on Black Hawks as a civilian contractor for one year, stationed in Afghanistan.  After alot of talks to see if this would work for our family - the pros out weighed the cons, even with our first born on the way in 9 weeks, and 3-days ago we said goodbye at the PHX airport.  

Currently, my husband is going through processing in South Carolina before hitting Kuwait and ultimately Afghanistan.  So today, I sent him a small care package (that hopefully arrives before or on Friday).

(Personal Photo)

- Chocolate Fudge Pop-Tarts
- White Powdered Donuts
- 2 - $1 Sunny D's that I spotted while walking through Wal-Mart

It's not much but enough to show that I miss him lots!  

Thanks to Pinterest for the donut note idea!

Alot more to come - as I'll be sending him care packages bi-weekly... hopefully they will make the time fly, for the both of us!!! 

- Sara

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