Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Egg Mail (Pregnancy Reveal)

If you can't tell from the post title - We're Expecting! :)  

We're just over 2 months in and we can't keep the secret any longer.  So we're revealing the good news on/by Easter Sunday, by sending out Easter Eggs in the mail.

(Personal Photo)

** Here's where I got the idea... Giver'sLog **
I have a horrible time with the Post Office, so I actually added 2 more Forever stamps to these eggs  I probably didn't need that much postage on them but I wanted to be safe!  Through the link above, the blogger actually shows how much to stamp them with - I went overboard.

I'm super glad we have a holiday coming up (or by the time this post hits, Easter will have passed), because without it - I'm not sure how we would've spread the news.  Facebook/Phone seem so... informal for family members and our closest family members are my brother and sister-in-law in San Francisco, all the rest are plunked between Ohio and Pennsylvania.  Even though we're not able to let everyone know face-to-face, I figured the Easter Egg was the next best thing because:
1. Everyone finds out relatively around the same time.
2. Everyone finds out the same way.
3. Once family and close friends know, then we'll blast our amazing news via Facebook. 

We have some special news to say,
the kind of news that just can't wait.

The special kind that makes you smile,
the kind that is definitely worthwhile.

There's someone that you'll get to meet,
someone who will be sugary sweet.

We have some special news to say,
there is a baby on the way!
For the poem, I had searched the internet and didn't find anything that wasn't sappy.  So lastly, I searched Yahoo! Answers and saw this poem that someone had added in an 'answer' (I don't have the direct link) but it's not the original poem anyway, I tweaked it to work for what I was wanting.
(Left: Personal Photo)

Unfortunately, only 2 of the 4 eggs arrived in time.  The two that arrived were to my husband's parent's and to my brother and sister-in-law.  So we're Skyping today, to share the news, with 1 non-egger and waiting til Wednesday for the other egg to arrive.  

Well, I'm off to go lay down, woke up not feeling too swell.  Story of my life anymore.

- Sara.

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  1. Oooh Congrats! How exciting and what a fun way to let everyone know. I never would have thought you could send something like plastic eggs in the mail.