Friday, March 2, 2012

The Most Boring of Bedrooms

We've been settled in AZ for just under 2 months now... and while we love it, it's been hard piecing together a 'home' on a tight budget.  I use 'home' lightly because we live in the whitest of white apartments (even the kitchen cabinets are white). 

While picking a bed was the easiest decision we've ever made together - the decision on bedding was not.  We could not agree on anything... this went on for about a week of sleeping with just sheets - no bed spread/comforter/etc... finally we just agreed to get a simple white down comforter.

 (Personal Photo w/ Igor - Can you guess which side is mine! hahaha).

Down comforters: I love them and loathe them.

Love - They are super comfy and the possibilities are endless on style.

Loathe - Without a duvet, they get stinky and stained... and are dry-clean only.

For the last month and a half - I've been searching Pinterest, Macy's, Anthro, Urban Outfitters and EVERYWHERE for a great duvet.  Almost everything I saw was too expensive or just plain ugly.  I loved loved loved Urban Outfitters selection and the prices were even on target, but... rarely did any of the duvets come in a king size. 

Through Pinterest, I found wonderful Anthro knockoffs.  Though all beautiful - there was always something holding me back from making any one of these...

Not sure if I would still be in love with this style 6,8,10 months down the road. 


This style on a king would require piecing together three large sections on top and then pin-tucking... in my mind, I couldn't see this coming out correctly.


This one is way beyond my sewing ability! lol.

To make these, the cost would run upwards of $48+ (3 king size flat sheets from WM run $16/each).

I continued the search... with Overstock, Big Lots, everyplace that ended with a dot com... and then I struck gold with Amazon!

I found this plain beauty for $37.50 and ships for free! (5 out of 5 stars)
And this one for $39.95 + $5.50 shipping (4 out of 5 stars)
So... at this point, I have in my mind to do a Chevron stamp (DIY, of course) in a charcoal grey using fabric paint...

and then dye the fabric (the green in the center) to coordinate with the teal sheets/night stands that we have.  I'm not a fan of the shade of purple - so not sure I will incorporate it... maybe down the line?
(I cannot remember where this color photo came from! Sorry!)

I love to DIY but when the cost to DIY is more expensive then to buy (and alter) - I go with the latter.

Update on the finished look will come soon!  I hope to have the bedding ordered by Wednesday of next week and for it to become my weekend project! :)

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